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Engage3 Intent-Based Marketing Platform


Engage3’s Intent-Based Marketing Platform combines competitive pricing intelligence and offer optimization to enable retailers to deliver relevant, real-time offers down to the individual shopper level. Intent-Based Marketing will open up a new era with deeper shopper loyalty, a more consistent price image and larger average basket size for participating retailers.
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Engage3’s founding team invented Retail Price Optimization which drove a 2X benefit to retailers’ bottom line. At Engage3, the same team is focusing on a bigger opportunity: Intent-Based Marketing. Applying advanced analytics and big data, Engage3 is inventing how retailers and brands can generate dynamic personalized offers based on buyer intent. The first phase of Intent-Based Marketing is Engage3 Mission Control, the competitive intelligence platform sits atop our massive FMCG database which provide an accurate understanding of the relevant competitive substitutes and their prices. The second phase is theVantage Offer Optimization which applies advanced analytics to bring a new level of precision to digital coupons. Offers that are timely and relevant to consumers a retail transformation in much the same way that algorithmic trading revolutionized Wall Street. By exposing consumer intent-to-buy, we will deliver a new way for retailers to personalize offers and a new way for brands to optimize their trade funds investment.


MissionControl Competitive Intelligence


MissionControl splash1 Engage3 MissionControl is the most advanced competitive price shop solution for retailers. It  provides a complete SaaS platform for defining, scheduling, collecting and curating in-store  competitive pricing data. The MissionControl management dashboard is a web app, with secure  access to the Engage3 Competitive Intelligence Cloud, for defining and executing precision  competitive pricing missions. MissionControl also includes a mobile app called Missions which  you can deploy to store employees or third-party auditors to conduct in-store competitive price shops.  You control where and when your store associates and auditors perform price shops. Engage3’s  algorithms optimize lists for efficiency and quality.

  •  MissionControl delivers competitive pricing data to  drive smarter strategic decisions and bigger results.  
  • MissionControl includes a purpose-built mobile app  designed specifically for competitive price shops.

MissionControl is a complete solution that makes it easy to audit your competition by automating pricing missions from scheduling to collection to curation and reporting.


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With MissionControl you will have BETTER DATA to make SMARTER DECISIONS

  • What are our competitors’ category strategies?
  • How should we position each category?
  • What are our competitors’ KVIs?
  • How do competitors respond to our price changes?

Accessed through the Engage3 Client Portal, MissionControl can help you make more informed strategic pricing decisions to increase your customer’s basket size and your market share. It is designed for accuracy, speed, security and cost-effectiveness. Data collection and curation is centralized to ensure quality. You will have secured instant access to your data from your dashboard across computing devices from mobile to tablet to desktop.

  • The retail grocery and drug industry’s most dynamic pricing database
  • Unique big data analytics and predictive modeling capabilities
  • A scalable range of cost-effective packages for every size retailer
  • Engage3’s solutions are strategically aligned to create a logical upgrade path from MissionControl  to our next product:  Vantage Offer Optimization.

Want to see how Engage3 MissionControl can dramatically increase your confidence in your data while improving your pricing strategy?

You can start by requesting a free trial of MissionControl where you will experience how Engage3’s advanced data analytics can have a big impact on your competitive pricing strategy.

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Vantage Offer Optimization


Vantage splash 1 - Copy Engage3 Vantage Offer Optimization applies data analytics to create a breakthrough in how retailers  and manufacturers price and promote by uncovering consumers’ intent-to-buy. The application of advanced analytics to big data will transform retail pricing and offers (coupons) in much the same way that algorithmic trading revolutionized Wall Street to create a dynamic marketplace.

Vantage Offer Optimization is an advanced data analytics platform that will integrate with retailers’ loyalty,  pricing and POS systems. Vantage will deliver  a new way for retailers to personalize offers and a new way for manufacturers to optimize their trade fund  investment.



By helping retailers improve the quality and effectiveness of their strategic pricing practices, Engage3 is also becoming the technology engine to drive both every day and promotional pricing. Vantage Offer Optimization leverages the data assets created by Mission Control to create dynamic 1:1 personal offers based on shoppers’ planned purchases.  Generating personalized offers and enabling 1:1 pricing has long been viewed as the holy grail of retail. An independent test conducted by Arizona State University with a major CPG manufacturer using the the Engage3 offers technology, found that offer optimization can generate over a 300 percent improvement in the performance of current “best in class” methods for developing promotional offers to consumers. Vantage Offer Optimization represents an opportunity for retailers to improve profits, save consumers money every time they shop and reduce ineffective CPG trade fund spending by as much as $60 billion in the US.