Nielsen Connected Partner

Connected Partner Program

The Engage3-Nielsen Connected Partner Program will help you:

  • Leverage your Nielsen data with Engage3’s store-specific competitive pricing data to drive a new level of insights and actions
  • Shift from doing data management and data alignment to making data driven decisions, and
  • Grow your capabilities in an additive way by enriching your data with every interaction

Nielsen Connected partner


Proactive Price Recommendations

Identify items that are overpriced and get recommendations for price changes to improve value perception. We can also identify items where you are underpriced and can increase margin without sacrificing value perception.

Monitoring of Competitive Data

Proactive alerts when your price is out of alignment to competition and suggestions for a price change along with volume and margin impact.

Product Linking and Comparison

Utilizing Lighthouse, our product linking platform, we can link your private label items to the appropriate private label items offered by competitors.